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TB-500 is a peptide containing 44 amino acid. The drug is actively used in medicine and sports. It has anti-inflammatory, healing and protective actions. TB-500 is used by athletes to recover faster after exhausting exercise and increasing testosterone levels.

Effects from the application of TB-500

This peptide is effective in sports and has the following properties:

  • stimulates the secretion of luteinizing hormone, and, in turn, stimulates the production of testosterone;
  • speeds up recovery after workouts. This applies not only to general muscle groups, but also of the heart muscle, and ligaments;
  • has anti-inflammatory effect;
  • enhances insulin sensitivity;
  • improves elasticity and stretching ligaments, and joint mobility;
  • helping to reduce heart disease, in particular the risk of myocardial infarction, which are subject to the athletes with high stress levels.

ТB-500 has only an indirect effect on muscle growth by increasing the sensitivity of tissues to insulin. The peptide also does not affect the strength gains.

Application course

ТB-500 is used as a rule, to recover from injuries or to strengthen the heart muscle. The course might look like this:

  • first month: use 2-6 mg per week. This dosage is divided into two injections, for example, make the first on Tuesday and second on Thursday ;
  • subsequent one to two months is a supportive therapyin which case the dosage is 2-4 mg per week and divided into two injections.

There is also another scheme according to which for the first week you should administer 10 mg of the drug, 2 mg per day and that is five injections per week. The next five weeks the peptide is administered twice weekly by 2,5 mg. The cycle is finished by the dosage of 10 mg per month and it turns out five injections of 2 mg every six days. No side effects revealed from the application of ТB-500.