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Hutrope Liophilized


Pharmaceutical substance growth hormone lyophilized form
Main component: Growth hormone
Buffer: mannitol, glycine, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, sodium chloride
1 ampoule with 40 IU somatropin lyophilized powder, 1 ampoule with water for injection 5 ml.


  • Muscle growth
  • Recovery
  • Protein synthesis

Growth hormone is popular in sports due to such effect as increase in muscle mass and forming of the muscle definition. Somatotropin, also known as growth hormone, is produced actively at a young age but after 25 years its synthesis is markedly reduced. In order to improve athletic performance and to achieve the desired relief of the body, many athletes have resorted to the use of synthetic growth hormone.

Somatotropin effects

Especially growth hormone is estimated by athletes for the following properties:

  • anabolic effect, it is the main - stimulation of the muscle growth;
  • degradation of subcutaneous fat;
  • anti-catabolic effect somatotropin prevents muscles to break down under the influence of negative factors;
  • increases energy levels and, therefore, provides active training and faster recovery;
  • improves the protective properties of the organism speeds up the recovery process after injury wound healing, etc.

Many years of experience of athletes showed that growth hormone is used in sports in order to get muscle definition. So for a monthly course it is possoble to gain about 3-4 kg of clean muscle mass. The result is  small but due to the extensive loss of subcutaneous fat, due to this after the first course the muscle definition becomes visible.

The main advantages of the use of somatotropin include:

  • Low probability of occurrence of side effects;
  • High efficiency in the growth of muscle mass and fat loss process;
  • Absence of androgen effects, does not affect the sexual function;
  • Hormone therapy does not require pct.

Among the shortcomings of substance it should be noted sufficiently low cost, and in this regard, the growth hormone is not rarely counterfeited. Therefore buying somatotropin, choose proven stores of sports pharmacology.

Side effects are rare but they can be. Among them:

  • swelling;
  • increase in blood pressure;
  • problems in the thyroid.

How to applicate?

The course of growth hormone can be both solo and in combination with anabolic steroids. Consider the first option. The first week - dosage of 5 IU daily for one injection. The injection should be made on an empty stomach and the best time for it is immediately after waking up.

Starting from the second week in the absence of side effects the dosage is increased up to 10 ius . It will be two injections of 5 ius, one in the morning, the second after a workout. At this dose somatotropin is administered daily for 3-6 months.

For maximum effect, it recommended to perform 2-3 aerobic and strength trainings in a week, as well as to use sports nutrition.